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What is Crypto Craft?

CryptoCraft is an immersive gameplay experience infusing blockchain tokenomics with the worlds most popular video game: Minecraft.
Players gain access to a custom Minecraft server by owning the CryptoCraft NFT. Within this world, the entire economy is based on $EMERALD tokens.
In-game transactions happen instantly with no gas costs and players can deposit & withdraw the ERC-20 $EMRD tokens through the website dashboard.
Players can buy & sell land, join nations, fight bosses, raid dungeons, buy & sell in-game items through shops, level up a variety of skills and much more. Everything is happening in a vibrant Minecraft world with an incredibly fun gameplay loop.
The vision is to build a network of worlds providing different gameplay styles where players work together across the metaverse to achieve long-term goals.
In v1.0 the $EMRD supply is based on collecting in-game diamonds so get your pickaxes ready!
The vision is to take advantage of the amazing gaming platform Minecraft has built over the last 10 years and inject it with new blockchain technology. This is not a "stake and watch" game. This is the full Minecraft experience with the benefit of verifiable ownership of in-game assets through the Ethereum blockchain.
The thrill of mining and finding diamonds is incredible knowing they can be exchanged for a token and used as currency within this Minecraft Metaverse.
Crypto Craft allows players to fully enjoy playing economy Minecraft and be rewarded crypto tokens in exchange for their skill, luck, teamwork, and smart gameplay.
Last modified 10mo ago