Dungeons are custom combat experiences crafted to be challenging and rewarding for a group of 5 players. The maze-like rooms have lots of hidden chests guarded by vicious mobs. Explore all the rooms, find all the loot, and attempt to defeat the final boss.

After killing the final boss and completing the dungeon, all players receive all the loot they've managed to find.

Fail to complete the dungeon and you end up with nothing...


Filling up a party is the first step in successfully completing a dungeon. Players can be invited using a command or just right click on any player and click "Party." You can also start a Recruitment to fill up your party.

  1. Create party with the following command: /party create <name of party>

  2. Invite players with: /party invite <name of player>

  3. Right click a player and select "Party"

  4. In the dungeons menu, start a Recruitment

[BETA] There is currently no GUI to create a Party. There will soon be an entire menu for managing your party. For now, please use the commands like /party create /party kick and /party invite

Dungeon Location

There is currently one location in the Beta. Open your MetaMenu, click "Dungeons", click "The Forgotten Tombs."

Dungeon Level

Most dungeons have multiple levels which increase in difficulty. The type of mobs remain the same but the amounts and levels increase.

Higher dungeon levels offer better rewards!

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