Sandbox Gameplay

In Season 2, the focus is not on a single "win condition." This is a sandbox MMO where the vast world is filled with a multitude of enjoyable activities that cater to every player's interests. Whether it's gathering resources, crafting powerful gear, fighting vicious mobs, or participating in the expansive player-run economy, there is always something to do in this immersive game.
Every player in S2 gets the opportunity to craft their own unique adventure.
As you progress in the game, your primary measures of advancement will be Skill Levels and Gear Most activities grant experience that helps you level up certain skills, which in turn grants access to better materials, crafting recipes, or the ability to equip more powerful gear.


In Season 2, skills are a crucial component of the game, allowing players to gather resources, refine them into useful materials, craft powerful gear, and engage in combat. Every player's skills contribute to the ecosystem of the game, as all gear is crafted by players through this cycle. As a result, each skill is vital and contributes to the success of the overall gameplay. There are 4 main types of skills: Gathering, Refining, Crafting, and Combat.
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    Gathering: Gathering involves harvesting raw materials from the world, such as wood and ores. By increasing your gathering skill level, you can collect more valuable resources and use new tools that provide many benefits. Players can expect to travel across the vast world, venturing into dangerous territories, and collecting various resources that will aid them in crafting powerful gear.
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    Refining: Raw materials must be processed before they can be used in crafting. Refining allows players to convert raw resources like ores into refined ingredients like ingots. Increasing your refining skill level unlocks new recipes and allows you to process rare materials.
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    Crafting: The third main skill type is Crafting, which involves turning refined ingredients into usable gear and items. Crafting allows players to create everything from weapons to enchantments, and even potions. By increasing your crafting skill level, you'll unlock new recipes and be able to create more powerful and intricate items. Players can expect to craft armor, weapons, and tools, using the refined materials they've gathered to create unique and powerful gear.
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    Combat: The fourth and final skill type is Combat, which involves engaging in battles with mobs, bosses, or other players. Players can expect to use their weapons, armor, and abilities in various combat situations to defeat foes and earn valuable loot. Increasing your combat skill level will unlock new abilities and spells, allowing you to customize your playstyle and take on tougher challenges.
The more you farm, the higher your farming level. Wow!


In Season 2, gear is a critical component of your character's power and abilities. All of your character's stats come from the gear you wear, including your defense, damage, and special abilities. This means that having the right gear can make all the difference in combat and other challenges.
Players can obtain gear in a few different ways. Crafting is one option, as players can create their own gear by gathering and refining raw materials and using crafting recipes to assemble the pieces. Buying and selling gear on the player-driven economy is another option, allowing players to specialize in gathering or crafting and then sell their wares to other players.
Once you have your gear, there are several mechanics that allow you to improve it. Upgrades, for example, can increase the stats on your gear or give it new abilities. Enchantments can add magical effects to your gear, such as fire damage or increased movement speed. Elemental damage can be added to weapons, allowing them to do more damage against certain enemies.
It's worth noting that while combat skill levels allow you to equip more powerful gear, the gear itself is what determines your stats. This means that players will need to focus on obtaining and upgrading their gear in order to increase their character's power and effectiveness in the world of Season 2. So get out there, gather resources, refine ingredients, and craft the best gear you can to become a true legend in this epic game.