Join The Server

Step 1 - Holding a Crypto Craft Genesis NFT To start, you have to go to our OpenSea page to get a NFT if you don't have one already. This is our official link: NFTs #1-1001 are VIP status and get you priority access into the server from the lobby.

Step 2 - Owning the correct Minecraft game You have to buy/own Minecraft Java. You can do that here:

Step 3 - Joining the server 1) Set your Minecraft to 1.18.2 2) Click on "multiplayer" and add server. 3) Type any name you want in the server name slot. You can just name it Crypto Craft. 4) Type for the server address. 5) Click “Done”; select our server on the list; click “Join Server”.

Step 4 - Accessing Spawn City 1) You are now in the NFT Museum. Press "T" and type in /token to generate your assigned link. 2) Press "T" again, click and open the link. 3) Connect the wallet that holds your NFT. This verification process doesn’t require any gas. You only sign a transaction to prove ownership of your wallet. 4) Check verification status by sending a message in-game. [V] or [VIP] will appear beside your name. 5) Enter the Water Portal to join the queue to be teleported to Spawn City.

Step 5 - Collabland Verify in Discord channel #collabland-join to get access to Holder Chat channels and icons next to your Discord name.

Frequent Problems & Solutions

  1. I validated my NFT but don’t see the [V] role. If you just got the NFT, it’s possible our API hasn’t picked up the transaction yet. Please wait 1-2 minutes and repeat the process again.

  2. I try to join the Minecraft server but see an error about an “outdated client” or “server version.” You did not properly switch your game version to 1.18.2. Follow step 3 above.

  3. I am verified and confirmed I have the [V] in chat, but the water portal doesn’t take me to the gameplay world. There might be a queue of players waiting to join the world. Check the text at the bottom of your screen to see the queue and your position. The queue builds up during peak times and whenever the gameplay servers are restarting.

  4. I verified with a VIP token (tokenID from #1-1001) but don’t see the [VIP] tag. Make sure the VIP token is the only Crypto Craft NFT in your wallet. Repeat the verification process. Future website update will allow you to manage your connections across multiple tokens.

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