There are currently 11 skills in the Beta, excluding the 4 Class Focus Skills. These skills fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Gathering

  2. Refining

  3. Crafting


Gathering skills are one of the most straightforward skills in S2. These skills allow players to extract raw materials from the world. These skills currently include: Mining, Woodcutting, and Farming.

As players gain levels, they will unlock the ability to gather better resources, use better tools, and gain yield bonuses

To gather resources, find them in the world and use the correct tool. When resources are harvested, the resource will automatically regenerate after a short cooldown.

Players also get bonus Loot based on their Specialization Level and Fortune stat.

Read more about Compacting the raw materials you gather


Refining skills allow players to transform raw materials into usable ingredients for crafting. Most materials from Gathering skills must be refined before they can be used for anything. Higher levels allow players to refine better materials.

Current skills: Smelting & Woodworking.


Crafting skills give players the power to transform materials into usable Weapons, Armor, Enchantments, Potions, Food, and more.

Many crafting skills have unique mechanics to allow for interesting interactions between players and the gear they create. For example, creating enchanting books requires 3 separate ingredients with the final outcome determined by a complex set of interactions between those ingredients.

Some crafting, like cooking, is simpler by just converting raw materials into predefined cooked foods.

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