War Book

This war book includes all the mechanics and rules for war. Read every single line before declaring a war or if you’ve been invited to a war.

A war creates a scenario between 2 or more Nations where certain Land protections are lifted and Nations are granted points for kills and capture points.

Declaring a war

Any player within a Nation with the "Manage War" permission can declare a war on another Land belonging to a Nation.

A Nation must have at least 64,000 $EMRD in their bank to declare a war.

War Phases

  1. Preparation

  2. War

  3. Ending

1. Preparation Phase

When a war a declared, the first phase of "Preparation" begins. This is a countdown timer of 24 hours giving both Nations time to collect resources, plan battle strategies, and move into position.

No pre-war attacks/skirmishes are allowed from either side during this 24 hour preparation.

2. War Phase

During the war, PVP against each other is enabled for both Nations across the entire map. The only protection is Spawn City. Any Land belonging to either Nation will allow PVP between the members of both Nations.

Points are assigned for player kills and Land captures.

This phase overrides some Land permissions for every chunk the Nations own. Enemy Nation members are allowed to:

  • Enter any Land

  • PVP against any enemy member

  • Pick up items

  • Place Ladders, Vines, & Scaffolding

  • Break Ladders, Vines, & Scaffolding

  • Open wooden doors

These rules allow enemies to invade into normally protected Land areas. Only wooden doors can be opened. Pressure plates and buttons follow normal rules so they cannot be used. Opening chests also follows normal permissions. Anything not listed above will follow the normal permissions set for each Land.

3. Ending

A war ends when one Nation receives enough points or the War Phase lasts a maximum of 36 hours. Either way, the Nation with the most points wins and the other Nation is the loser.

How many points to win?

The number of points needed to win is calculated based on the number of players within the smaller Nation. Each player adds 10 to the requirement with a minimum of 100 points.

num_points_to_win = max(num_player_in_smaller_nation * 10, 100)

For example, Nation A has 22 players and Nation B has 41 players. For this war, Nation A is smaller so 22 * 10 = 220 points to win the war.

Points: Player Kill

1 point is granted for every player kill.

Members of both Nations will see a red "ENEMY" tag above all players of the opposing nation.

Points: Land Capture

A Capture Block can be crafted by any player. This block can be placed on a chunk adjacent to an enemy Nation Land to start a Land Capture. This will alert both Nations, send a beacon into the sky, and shoot fireworks every 30 seconds.

To complete the capture, the attackers must keep the Capture Block active for 20 minutes. A Capture Block is active when at least one attacking player is standing within the same chunk.

To defend against a capture, players may "remove" all enemies from the chunk or break the Capture Block. Removing all the enemies from the chunk will reset the 20 minutes capture countdown to 0. Breaking the block is the only way to permanently stop the capture.

Successfully completing a Land Capture grants 7 points. Destroying the Capture Block of an enemy grants 3 points. Each Nation may have up to 3 Capture Blocks placed at once. Placing a Capture Block has a 10 minutes cooldown for that Nation.


Both Nations currently at war have the option of surrendering at any time. A Tribute of $EMRD must be paid to the other Nation to accept your surrender. Once the Tribute is paid, the war instantly ends and the surrendering Nation is considered the loser.

The Tribute amount is decided by the attacking Nation before declaring war. The attacking Nation can also surrender by paying the Tribute amount they set.

War Winner

When the war ends, the winners and losers are declared to the entire server. Depending on the server phase, the following events occur:

Phase 1: No war can be declared.

Phase 2: Wars are considered skirmishes in preparation for the next phase. Winners gain pride, pvp experience, and more players would be interested in joining the Nation. The losers lose morale and probably lost more resources in the process.

Phase 3: Land unclaimed through capture points remains unclaimed. The losers might have lost some chunks of land and the winners are now in a better strategic position to continue dominating.

War Shield

After participating in a war, all of the Land from both Nations are protected by a 3 day war shield. This shield protects the Nation from being declared into another war.

After a successful surrender, the surrendering Nation receives a 4 day war shield.

Specific War Rules

War is supposed to be a fun and competitive environment. Advantages and disadvantages are fine within Nations but there are still rules that should be followed.

Anything here may be changed at any time. Any exploit or loophole found within these rules may be blocked and undone at any time. If you think what you’re about to do might be against the rules, ask an admin before you make your attempt.

1. Leaders must reach out before declaring a war

All war declarations MUST be discussed between Nation leaders before the declare command is called to officially start the war. The war process is about building fun and engaging stories. If you want to war, you must give the opposing side the opportunity to consider their options, try to negotiate peace, or discuss with their allies.

2. Leaders must disclose which Land they will select to declare the war.

This is just in case the defending Nation has something misconfigured with their Nation capital or land setup. This will be considered abusing war mechanics to secretly select a Land that causes issues later on in the war without disclosing it before the declaration.

3. Ignoring war discussions

Communication before war is required. If the Nation leader is refusing to communicate about the war, the attackers may declare the war anyways after 3 days of no responses. You must reach out to an Admin about the lack of communication and we will respond if you’re allowed to proceed with the 3 day countdown or not.

Reasons for not allowing the countdown may include: Personal reasons with the Nation team or owners that prevents them for participating in a war starting in 24 hours.

4. Power Regime

If one Nation or group of players bring constant issues with wars, they may be banned from the war feature or the Nation may be forced to disband. This does not mean if you win too many wars, you’re blocked. This rule covers Nations who are causing constant toxicity to other Nations or constantly trying to abuse the war mechanics. Our wars will get messy sometimes if a pattern emerges where many problems are caused by one team, the admins will deal with this accordingly to ensure the overall gameplay is fun for all.

5. No Unethical Actions

These are actions that are not fun or healthy for long term gameplay. The admins will keep track of these per war and per nation. Warnings will be given out and final punishments may be covered until the “4. Power Regime” rule.

  • Spawn Killing: Allowed ONCE per player. If a player spawns right in front of your, it’s fair game to kill them. Guarding a spawn point or trapping it to instantly kill players counts an unethical kill. This does NOT include players loading into the world. This only includes a player dying and then respawning and being killed right when they respawn.

  • Excessive Griefing: During the war, things may get hectic and destructive battle tactics like cobble spam or lava buckets are allowed. If the war is already ending and players start destroying landscapes or spamming lava just to ruin the land for later, this is excessive and not allowed. Do what you need to do to win. Do NOT destroy or pillage just to ruin an area.

  • Toxicity: Spamming chat. Screaming in voice calls. Cursing. Personal insults. Emotions could get high but keep it under control when attacking other players.

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