Crafting Skills


Cooking converts Compact raw food into Cooked Food which can be eaten to increase hunger. Higher level food also grants useful stat buffs.

The cooking station is located in the windmill at the Farming Village. Inside the windmill, go up the stairs and right click on the stove to open the menu.


Alchemy allows players to craft potions. The most common potion instantly heals HP but there are other potions which grant short-term buffs to players or remove negative effects.

Health potions are crafted using Lucky Feathers, Rabbits Foot, and Amber. Lucky Feathers and Rabbits Foot are collected with the Farming Chase Game while Amber is a rare Loot drop from any log.


Crafting weapons is an important part of S2 since every single weapon used is crafted by players.

Each class has their own crafting station containing all the recipes for their weapons.

The level of the crafted weapon will be equal to the players Weaponsmithing skill level. Many of the stats scale up with the weapon level so higher level crafters will be able to create more powerful weapons.

Every weapon requires Tool Handles, Ingots, and a mob drop. Some weapons also require Essence to craft. Essence can be dropped by mobs or obtained in Dungeons.


Crafting armor is mechanically similar to Weaponsmithing. The main difference is the material requirements. Armors require much more metal than wood.


The Enchanting skill allows players to craft enchanting books. These books can then be traded/sold and applied to weapons/armor/tools.

With this skill, players combine 3 materials to create 1 enchanted book. This book can later be applies to gear by using an anvil.

Arcane Book: These book have 5 tiers and can be crafted at the Arcane Station (x: -12, z: -986). Higher tier books have access to a larger pool of enchantment options and increase the power of the final enchantment. For example, some enchantments are only possible using a Tier 3 or higher book. Even though some enchantments are possible with a Tier 1 book, higher tiers will give you increase the level of the selected enchantment.

Blueprint: The blueprint decides which item type the final enchantment works with. For example, if you use a Dagger Blueprint the final enchantment will be guaranteed to work on all Dagger weapons. Blueprints are obtained at the Study Table (x: -129, z: -970). The study process will destory the item but grant blueprints and repair scrap.

Essence: The final material is a bit of a mystery as the secrets of essence are heavily guarded by the wizards guild. We know that this has a major impact on which final enchantment is selected. Each combination of Arcane Book Tier and type of Essence creates a different chance of getting each enchantment. Experiment with the process to learn the secrets of the Essence!

Enchanting Station: The station is found in the Viking Town at (x: -68, z: -1033). Input the 3 materials and click the green cube to complete the craft. You will gain Enchanting Skill Experience based on the quality of the materials used in crafting.

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