Conquest PVP

Conquest is a thrilling group-PvP mechanic, designed to engage players in mid-to-late game content. Players join one of three factions, compete against each other to capture Hideouts scattered across the world, and earn valuable rewards. Conquest encourages players to improve their gear and skills as they vie for control of these strategic locations.


Players choose from one of the following factions, each with its unique identity and purpose:

  1. The Sunwarden Order: A zealous brotherhood dedicated to preserving balance and order in the world.

  2. The Stormchasers: A daring league of adventurers, driven by the pursuit of knowledge and uncharted territories.

  3. The Shadowbound: A secretive cabal, wielding the powers of darkness to achieve their enigmatic goals.


Hideouts are special locations found throughout the game world, acting as focal points for Conquest battles. To claim a Hideout, players must first clear it of monsters and defeat a challenging boss. PvP is enabled in Hideout areas, leading to intense battles between factions seeking to claim or defend these valuable assets.


Capturing a Hideout rewards players with Valor, a unique form of currency that can be spent at faction-specific shops. Players can exchange Valor for rare materials, mounts, weapon skins, and more. Accumulating Valor also contributes to a player's rank within their chosen faction.

Faction Ranks

As players capture more Hideouts and accumulate Valor, they advance through faction ranks. Each rank grants bonuses that aid players in their ongoing efforts to claim more Hideouts. Higher ranks unlock access to powerful abilities, exclusive gear, and other benefits, making dedicated players even more formidable in Conquest battles.


Conquest offers an exciting and dynamic group-PvP experience, pitting factions against one another in the race to control valuable Hideouts. As players capture Hideouts, they earn Conquest Points and climb the ranks of their chosen faction, unlocking unique rewards and bonuses to aid them in future battles. Conquest serves as a key driving force for players to improve their gear, hone their skills, and engage in epic, large-scale PvP combat.

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