Why Minecraft?

Short Answer: Everybody loves Minecraft.

Why reinvent the wheel with Blockchain gaming platforms when a certain platform has already been built, tested, and improved to near perfection?

Over 10 years have passed since the official launch of Minecraft. During this decade, Minecraft has held the record for most sales of any video game in history for several years. Over 238 million copies have been sold worldwide across all platforms.

Minecraft is a platform of creativity, allowing communities to form interactive experiences based on any interest.

The main benefits of blockchain gaming include decentralized ownership of in-game assets. This allows players to become investors in the game worlds, earn utility tokens in exchange for participation and skills, and contribute to the future vision of the projects.

The buzzword for all of this is: Metaverse.

A Metaverse is a platform that allows individuals to claim ownership of digital assets and build shared experiences for other users to enjoy.

Several projects are working on building brand new platforms that integrate blockchain technology to turn their Metaverse vision into reality. Many of these platforms look very exciting and have a promising future. After many iterations and more technological advancements, these projects will be hosting high quality metaverse experiences for users.

But what about FUN Blockchain gaming today?

Crypto Craft takes the existing Minecraft platform and injects it with cutting edge blockchain technology.

We don't need to develop map generation. Minecraft generates amazing landscapes.

We don't need to create a fun gameplay loop from scratch. The core Minecraft gameplay is massively enjoyable for thousands of hours.

We can take what Minecraft has been building for 10 years and introduce new blockchain mechanics and allow for player ownership of in-game assets TODAY.

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