Joining Hideouts

Open the Conquest map from your Meta Menu. You will see a list of every Hideout with some information on each one. Click on any Hideout to teleport to the Hideout map!


Each Hideout has PVP enabled across Factions. Players can use all skills & abilities against each other to fight for control of the Hideout.

Defender Boss

The first step in capturing a Hideout is to defeat the Hideout Boss. There will be a single mob within the Hideout that must be defeated. It doesn't matter which player from which faction defeats the boss.

The boss fights all players regardless of factions, even if the faction currently controls the Hideout.

Defenders can be different levels depending on the Hideout. Read more about levels below.

Capture Zone

Once the boss has been defeated, the center capture zone activates and players must stand within the zone to gain capture progress.

All players of the same faction can work together to capture the zone and push out opponent faction players.

Even pushing a player out of the capture zone is enough to reset their progress!

Protection Cooldown

After a Hideout is captured, it is protected from capture for the next 20 minutes. The zone is still open but the defender will not spawn and the Hideout cannot be captured.

Maximum Gear Level

To balance PVP combat between players of varying progression through the game, Hideouts have a Maximum Gear Level. This is the highest level armor & weapon players can bring into the Hideout.

Each Hideout has a unique Level which corresponds to the difficulty of the Defender Boss. The Maximum Gear Level is 10 higher than the Hideout Level.

Players stats ONLY increase from gear, so a level 90 ranger can equip a level 40 weapon and fairly compete in a lvl 30 Hideout.

However, there is no gear minimum level so players are free to join higher level Hideouts and rely on their impressive skills to survive.

Your Gear Level is listed on your weapon/armor as your class level requirement like so:

Requires Level 30 Assassin

Max Gear Level = Hideout Level + 10

Fair PVP Tip: Fight in Hideouts 10 levels below your Gear Level to ensure that other players are limited to your gear level.

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