Claiming Land

One core concept of our Land management is the difference between Lands and Chunks.

A Chunk is a 16x16 block area defined by Minecraft. This area extends infinitely up and down and every single Minecraft world is thousands of these chunks side by side.

A Land is a collection of Chunks, Areas, and Permissions. A Land can have 1 owner and up to 10 custom roles such as Admin, Member, Visitor. Owners can give their friends different roles for their Land or Areas with custom permissions.

Chunks cost 7400 $EMRD each to claim. Adjacent chunks are bundled into 1 Land.

Chunks that are not adjacent become a separate Land. A player can have up to 5 Lands, each can consist of up to 75 chunks.

A Land can also contain 0 chunks. For example if a player creates a new Land, they automatically pay 7400 $EMRD for the first chunk. If they stop paying upkeep, their chunk will be unclaimed but the Land still exists.

Claim New Land (Create)

Land that doesn't belong to any player is part of the "Wilderness." This Land has no permissions, no rules, and (other than hacks/exploits) no limitations of any kind. PVP is enabled. Mobs will spawn. Blocks can be built and destroyed by any player.

A player can claim any unclaimed wilderness chunk for 7,400 $EMRD.

✍️ Create Land Claim Command: /land create This will attempt to claim the chunk the player is currently standing in. If successful, the player will see a green outline of their newly claimed land. If the land is already claimed by somebody else, the player will see a red outline of the claimed land.

Expanding Owned Land (Claim)

Once a player owns Land, they can easily expand their ownership to include the neighboring chunks. Expanding Land works the same way as Claiming Land. If the target chunk is wilderness, the player may stand in the chunk and use the /claim command. If the target chunk is owned by another player and listed for sale with a Purchase sign, the player may interact with the Purchase Sign to buy the land.

Chunks that are claimed will automatically add to the existing Land.

The price to expand Land is the same as Claiming or Buying the first Land.

✍️ Expand Land to more chunks commands: /land edit <land name>

/claim Run these commands one by one. First select the land you want to edit. Then you can use /claim over and over to add more chunks.

Hint: One Land will contain one or more Chunks. One player may only have 3 separate Lands but each Land may contain 75 connected chunks. The 3 separate Land requirement does include Spawn City properties. This limit is included specifically to prevent one player from purchasing every single property in Spawn City.

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