Gear Upgrades

Gear upgrades are a great way to increase the power of your weapons & armor. Upgrades increase several base stats like 'Attack Damage', 'Critical Chance', and 'Lifesteal'.

Each upgrade will increase the stats by 1%. Most classes upgrade similar stats but some have 1 or 2 unique stats which receive upgrades. For example, Ninja weapons upgrade 'Lifesteal' while 'Guardians' upgrade 'Parry Rating'.

How to Upgrade

Visit the Gear Upgrades NPC to start the process. Place your weapon or armor in the left slot and hover your mouse on the wool to see the ingredients required to upgrade.


Powders and shards are used for all upgrade recipes. There are 5 tiers of powders and 5 tiers of shards. The tier of ingredient must match the tier of the weapon/armor. The required amount of ingredient starts at 1 and increases as the item is upgraded.

Powders: Used to upgrade weapons

Shards: Upgrades Armor

Number of UpgradesIngredients Per Upgrade









Example: A tier 4 weapon with 0 upgrades.

Requires Shards (because it's a weapon) of Tier 4 (to match the item tier) and One Ingredient (we're upgrading from 0 to 1 so check 1-8 in chart above).

After 8 upgrades (using 8 total shards), this weapon still requires Tier 4 Shards but now we need 3 of them to get to level 9.

Finding Ingredients through Enchanted Mobs

Powders and Shards can be collected in a few ways. Players can randomly receive some from completing Contracts and Dungeons but there is a guaranteed way to receive ingredients by hunting Enchanted Mobs.

Every mob has a chance of spawning as an 'Enchanted' version. These mobs are much stronger with more HP and damage. You can tell a mob is enchanted by the colored particle circle around their legs.

The spawning is completely random and all nearby players are alerted in chat when the mob spawns. Enchanted mobs spawn in a variety of rarities (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic) and this rarity determines how many ingredients the mob will drop. The higher level the base mob, the higher tier ingredients they will drop.

For example, Enchanted Level 10 Goblin Swordsman will drop Tier 1 ingredients will level 45 Skeleton Archers will drop Tier 3. The ingredients drop as Loot right into players inventory but the amount is determined by Enchanted Rarity instead of the normal Loot mechanics.

Whenever you see the chat notification of Enchanted Mobs spawning, it's always worth it to locate the mob and defeat them!

Infusing Ingredients

As you find shards and powders in the world, you will have many of them from tier 1 through 5. It's always worth holding onto them because you can combine the lower tier ingredients into higher tiers.

This process is done at the infusing station. Infusing allows you to combine 5 ingredients of the same type and tier to create one tier higher.

25 'Tier 3' Shards will infuse and create 5 'Tier 4' shards. You can then infuse those and create one 'Tier 5' Shard.

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