Class Focus

One of the most innovative features in S2 is the Class Focus system. This unique system allows players to instantly switch between classes while keeping all of their other skills, professions, and items. This means that players can quickly play in any playstyle they like without having to start over or lose progress.

With the Class Focus system, players can easily switch between classes to adapt to different situations. If you're in a raid and the group needs a different class to fill a specific role, you can easily switch to that class and contribute to the group's success. And when the raid is over, you can switch back to your original class and continue to progress.

The Class Focus system also allows for more variety in player's playstyle. Players can experiment with different classes and find the perfect combination of skills and abilities that suit their personal playstyle. It also encourages players to try out different classes they might not have otherwise considered.

Overall, the Class Focus system is a massive benefit to players in S2. It allows players to play the game in any way they like, without being locked into a specific class or playstyle. It also makes the game more exciting, giving players the opportunity to try out new classes and strategies, and adapt to different situations.

Each class has unique skills, armor, weapons, and offers unique gameplay. From the fast and deadly Assassin to the armored Paladin, each class has unique weapons, armors, and abilities.

Choose your class at any time:

Assassin: Unleash deadly precision and lightning-fast movement as you take down enemies with your dual wielding katanas and daggers. Master the art of stealth and deception to strike from the shadows.

Paladin: Become a bastion of defense for your allies, wielding mighty hammers and great swords to shield your team and vanquish your foes. Take on the toughest challenges and protect your teammates with powerful abilities.

Ranger: Take out your enemies from a distance with your deadly bow and musket. Outmaneuver and outsmart your enemies with your agility and precision. Strike at the critical weak points of your enemies with your precise shots.

Sorcerer: Command the elements and unleash devastating spells to decimate your enemies. Whether you choose to focus on dealing damage or healing your allies, your mastery of magic will make you a force to be reckoned with. Wield staffs or wands to control the battlefield.

Focus - Class Changing System

Players can "Focus" on one class at a time and change their focus at any time. Each class has a separate skill level that increases through successful combat.

To change your class, open your MetaMenu and select "Focus"

Unique Abilities

There are currently 17 classes in-game each with completely unique abilities. Most classes have 5 base abilities triggered with 5 button combinations. These abilities will be listed on the weapon.

Higher tier weapons unlock more of your class abilities so not all weapons will have access to all class abilities.


  1. Left Click

  2. Right Click

  3. Crouch + Left Click

  4. Crouch + Right Click

  5. Double Crouch (Crouch Crouch Quickly)

Combo Abilities

Many classes have "Combo Abilities" which are triggered with a combination of effects and/or abilities. Combo Abilities are NOT displayed on the weapon. They are ONLY shown in the class info menu. Since each combo is different, the class info menu will describe how to trigger the combo.

For example, a combo trigger could be "dash (right click) and then hit an enemy with your basic attack (left click) within 0.5 seconds".

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