Land Menu

Type /land to see the Land Menu.

This menu allows you to mange all the Land you own, Land you rent, or Land where you have been Trusted.

Most actions can be done with a command or with the Land Menu.

The menu allows you to click around to complete actions so it's a great way for beginners to see all of the available options. The commands are generally faster to type if you already know exactly what you're trying to do.

How to use commands

Since you can own multiple Land, before you type a command, you must tell the server which Land you're trying to edit.

You can do this with the following command:

/land edit {land name} Example: /land edit DreamHouse

Now every command you type will reference the selected Land.

If you want to edit the Land you're physically standing in, just type /land edit

How to add friends to your Land

You can Trust your friends and give them permission to build on your Land.

Command Type /trust {player name} Example: /trust Ruskie

Land Menu Type /land Choose a Land block Click "Trusted Players" Click the green "Trust Player" Enter the player name in chat and send the message.

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