Pets are very useful in your adventure, providing fast movement over terrain, high HP values to escape combat, and even helping you in combat with their own unique abilities!
There are two kinds of pets: Mounts and Companions.


As the name suggests, you can ride mounts to quickly travel the land, sea, and air! Mounts have their own HP and will take all damage instead of the player. This means riding mounts is generally safer than running on foot.
If your mount HP ever reaches 0, you will be 'dismounted', your mount will be recalled and unable to be summoned again for 60 seconds. You're now on your own!
Different mounts have different HP levels, hp regen speed, hitbox sizes, movement speed, and some even have movement abilities like dashes.
Pandas move slowly but have very large health pools. These mounts are great for confidently moving through dangerous terrain knowing you will have plently of time to react before you're dismounted.


These loyal pets will help you in combat using their unique abilities. There are 60 pets to collect with abilities ranging from summoning healing totems to casting ice storms that freeze enemies. Most companions will have basic attacks and will run around helping you fight your enemies and casting their abilities whenever available. They have their own HP and health regeneration.
Companions will try to survive for as long as possible but if their HP reaches 0, they recall and cannot be summoned again for 2 minutes.
As they level up, they will have more HP, defense, and deal more damage for helping in stronger fights!

Pet Levels

As Mounts and Companions level up, they increase in HP and Power to deal more damage with attacks and abilities. Pets level up by eating "Cookies". Summon your pet and right click on them while holding a cookie to feed them.
You can view your pet current level, Xp, and stats by opening their menu.
To open your pet menu, summon your pet and then "Crouch + Right Click" on them.