Angel Chest

The Angel Chest is a feature that saves your inventory when you die and gives you a second chance to retrieve your lost items.

How to spawn a chest

One Circle of Life item is required to spawn one Angel Chest. This item must be in any inventory slot when you die. The Circle of Life can be purchased at Spawn City.

If you die while holding at least 1 Circle of Life, it will be consumed to create an Angel Chest at your death location.

The chest will initially look like an Ender chest with some information about your death hovering on top.

What does the Angel Chest hold?

This chest holds all of your items, armor, and 50% of your Minecraft XP.

Chests last for 15 minutes

The Angel Chest is protected and only you can open it for 10 minutes. During this time, the chest will look like an ender chest.

After 10 minutes, the chest will convert into a normal chest and any person can now claim your items & experience.

15 minutes after your death, the chest will disappear and ALL items will be destroyed.

Magic Rope

The magic rope is a one-time use item that gives you two magical options:

  1. Teleport to your Angel Chest.

  2. Fetch your chest to your current location

Each of these actions will consume 1 magic rope item.

If you chose to teleport to your chest, your killer might still be waiting nearby

Where to get these items?

Both the Circle of Life and Magic Rope can be purchased in the Server Shop in Spawn City.

This is inside the white building next door to the Diamond Shop.

Coordinates: X: -106 Y: 65 Z: 1065


✍️ Show Angel Chest info in chat /ac /angelchest

✍️ Show Angel Chest GUI menu /acgui

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