Materials & Loot


Most materials gathered from the world must be "Compacted" to be used in Refining or Crafting.

64 materials = 1 compact material.

For example, every tree block grants the player 1 Oak Log item. 64 Oak Logs can be converted into 1 "Compact Oak Log"

Compacting items has no other requirements such as skill levels. Any player can compact any number of items.

Visit the Compactor Station in the Viking Village to see the recipes and compact items

Loot Explanation.

Loot is split into 2 categories: Specialization Loot & Rarity Loot.

Specialization Loot

When a player gathers any resource, they have a chance to loot an extra Compact resource. The odds of this happening can be improved with the appropriate Specialization level.

This loot always drops a Compact version of the material related to the specialization. Gathering wheat will grant you Compact Wheat and killing skeletons will give you Compact Bones.

  1. The chance of receiving the loot is improved with your specialization level.

  2. The amount of compact you receive starts at 1 and increases with your related Fortune Stat (Farming, Combat, Mining, Woodcutting)

Rarity Loot

This loot gives you all kinds of different items and is calculated separately from the Specialization Loot. Mobs give essence as part of their Rarity Loot and wood logs give Amber.

  1. The chance of receiving the loot is the same for all players and depends on how rare the drop is

  2. The amount you receive will increase with your related Fortune Stat.

For example: Any player killing a Goblin Swordsman has a 5% chance of looting a Gray Essence. Based on your ‘Combat Fortune’ stat, you might receive anywhere from 1-5 Gray Essence when you get the loot.

The Fortune stat can be increased permanently by leveling Skills. Players can also temporarily increase their Fortune stat by consuming food, equipping gear, or activating pets.

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