Renting Land

Renting Land

Land Areas can be rented out to other players.

An Area is a section defined by the Land owner. Areas have separate permissions from the rest of the Land. One Land can contain 30 Areas.

A rental grants temporary permission of the Area to the renter.

Each rental has:

  1. Price

  2. Length

  3. Maximum Length

  4. Area

The owner can decide to rent out their Area on any metric of time. For example: 1 hour, 1 day, 3 days, 2 weeks, etc.

The price is the price a renter pays per unit of length. For example: A price of 100 $EMRD with a length of 3 days means the renter will pay 100 $EMRD every 3 days.

The maximum length is the maximum time a renter can rent at once. For example: a length of 7 days with a max of 30 days means the renter can pay for 7 days and then extend the rental up to 30 days at once. This feature is to allow Land owners to eventually stop renting if they choose to do so while giving the renter a fair amount of time to find new Land and "move out."

Rental Sign: Works similarly to a Purchase Sign. Right click the sign to extend your rental period up to the max.

M1 is the name of the Area for rent. $1,000.00 is the price of the rental for 7 days. The max length is 14 days.

When a player right-clicks a Rental Sign, they will be given permissions for the Area up to the rental length. This player can right-click multiple times to extend their rental up to the maximum length. A player can extend their rental at any time during their rent.

Creating a Rental

Creating a rental sign is very similar to creating a Purchase Sign. The sign just needs a little bit more information.

First, create an area that you want to rent. Then place a sign with the following information:

Line 1 = Type the word "land" This is a keyword that gives the sign magical selling powers. Line 2 = The word "rent" Line 3 = {length} {maximum length}. The space between the two numbers is important. For example, "3 12" would mean a rental period of 3 days with a maximum rental of 12 days. Line 4 = The price in $EMRD. Just type the numbers like "1200" and nothing else.

Read the "Renting Land" section above to understand what length and maximum length means

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