Season 2 has TONS of custom models, configs, UI elements, and other changes. You might not even recognize it's actually Minecraft under the hood!

This guide helps you setup your client to give you the BEST possible experience!

We've split this guide into Easy and Advanced. If you're new with Minecraft client or mods, just follow the Easy guide. If you want to use your own list of mods, check out Advanced.

Joining the server

Joining the server is easy! Get your client ready in Easy or Advanced and then follow these steps!

  1. Open Minecraft

  2. Click "Multiplayer"

  3. Click "Add Server"

  4. Type any server name you want (try "CryptoCraft'!)

  5. Type exactly this Server Address

  6. Make sure "Server Resource Packs" is set to Enabled

  7. Click "Done"

  8. Click on the new "CryptoCraft" server

  9. Click "Join Server" at the bottom left

Easy Option: Lunar Client

This option involves using Lunar Client. You just need to download one trusted client and change a couple settings.

1. Download Lunar Client:

2. Change Version to 1.19.4

3. Turn off "Use Custom Boss Bar"

  1. Join the server

  2. Press ESC key to open Minecraft Menu

  3. Press "Lunar Options"

  4. In the search bar, type "boss" and click the gear settings button next to options for the "Boss Bar"

  5. Turn OFF "Use Custom Boss Bar"

4. Change "Use Minecraft GUI Scale" option

  1. Join the server

  2. Press ESC key to open Minecraft Menu

  3. Press "Lunar Options"

  4. Click "Settings" at the top

  5. Search "gui"

  6. Change "Use Minecraft GUI Scale" to "All"


For advanced users, we'll explain some things that your client/mod list should have and give some tips on making sure your setup works. There is also a recommended modlist which makes your game look great and ensures everything works smoothly!

Our modlist is a great place to start and then you can customize everything as you wish.

Required Mods:

Custom Armor

Forge: Optifine

Fabric: CIT Resewn This is required to see all of the custom armors. Without this, you will just see leather armor on everyone. If that's what you see, something is wrong with this mod.

Tooltip Scroll

Forge: Unsure...

Fabric: Tooltip Scroll

Most items have long lore listing all of the abilities so this is required to be able to use your scroll wheel to move the item lore up & down. Without this, you will only be able to see the top of the lore and might miss some info on the bottom.

This list includes a TON of stuff and has all been tested to work on CryptoCraft. It's highly recommended you start with this list and then adjust it based on your needs. It includes performance tweaks and lots of nice optimizations.

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