Upkeep & Taxes

Upkeep is charged to the entire server every Saturday at 2pm PST.

Every 7 days players have to pay upkeep for every single chunk they own. Remember, players can own up to 5 Lands and each Land can be expanded to a maximum of 75 chunks.

What is the point of Upkeep?

There are multiple benefits to collecting upkeep from every chunk.

  1. This is a very consistent $EMRD burn. There are only 90,000 chunks of Land in our entire world and we know how many are claimed at all times. As more chunks are claimed, the amount of $EMRD burned each week increases linearly.

  2. Keeps Land owned only by active players. Players don't have to play every week but if a player doesn't own enough $EMRD to maintain the chunks, the chunk is unclaimed and available to be claimed by active players. Chunks are unclaimed newest to oldest.

Paying Upkeep

Every Land that doesn't belong to a Nation pays an upkeep of 250 $EMRD per chunk per week.

So a Land with 3 chunks will pay 750 $EMRD every week.

Upkeep payments are taken from your personal $EMRD balance. You can check this balance with /balance.

You can see how much you'll owe in upkeep in 2 ways:

  1. The /lands menu. Click on your Land icon and then hover over the top right icon. You'll see some info like the coordinates and upkeep charges. This is a good way to check upkeep for one specific land.

  2. The /lands upkeep command. This command shows the total upkeep charges across all your Lands.

✍️ Commands:

/lands menu

/lands upkeep

Nations & Taxes

Land belonging to a Nation pays 0 in upkeep to the server. Instead, the Nation pays all the upkeep on behalf of all Lands that join.

Nations pay a cheaper 125 $EMRD per chunk per week.

Since the Nations cover the upkeep for all their Land, they're allowed to charge a tax.

This tax amount is decided by the Owner and can be any $EMRD amount.

Nations can adjust their tax rate in the /Nation menu.

When joining a Nation, make sure to check how much they're charging for tax.

✍️ Check Tax Command: /lands taxes

✍️ Nation set tax command: /Nation Then select 'taxes' (the gold bar icon).

Player non-payment

The server will attempt to pay the upkeep for all of your Lands. If you don't have enough $EMRD to cover the upkeep, chunks will be unclaimed.

These unclaimed chunks simply become wilderness chunks. They lose all protections and can be claimed by anybody for 7400 $EMRD.

Your entire Land will not be deleted, only chunks will be unclaimed.

You will keep every single chunk that you can afford.

For example, if you have 6 chunks and owe 1500 but only have 1300 then you will keep 5 chunks but lose 1.

Your most recently claimed chunks will be unclaimed first. This protects your first (and probably more important) claims.

Nation non-payment

If a Nation cannot pay the upkeep for ALL of their Lands then the Nation is declared bankrupt and disbanded.

This means that all Lands who did belong to the Nation will now owe the full 250 $EMRD upkeep fee as if they were not part of a nation.

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