Quick Start Guide

Follow this guide for a quick way to start your adventure and progress through the early game!

  1. Fast Travel

    1. Open MetaMenu by holding the nether star and right clicking.

    2. Click "Fast Travel" and "Farming Village"

  2. Collect Resources

    1. Lets start with food

    2. Go to the middle of the village and break wheat with your hand. Gather a couple stacks.

  3. Compact Resources

    1. Most raw resources must be compacted before they can be crafted. Go to the windmill at x: -153 z: -296

    2. Go to the second floor and right click the furnace. Craft several "Compact Wheat"

  4. Craft usable items

    1. Now that you have compact materials, you're able to craft! At the same cooking station, craft several "Bread". Right click the bread to raise your hunger. There is a cooldown on using food so you must wait before eating again. (No need to hold down to eat like in vanilla minecraft)

  5. Earn money by selling to shops

    1. Warp back to Viking Town

    2. Sell extra Compact Wheat to Farm Shop at x: -68 z: -972

  6. Buy Junior Gear

    1. The only gear in the game that isn't crafted by players. Talk to Junior Joe at x: -56 z: -940 and buy the gear for 50 betaCoins. This set is enough to get you started with combat but your goal is to replace this with player crafted gear ASAP.

  7. Choose a Class Focus

    1. Click here to read about the different classes and the Class Focus system.

    2. Open your Meta Menu, select Class Focus (golden arrow) and choose a class

  8. Craft Your First Real Gear

    1. Your first weapon requires 1 Oak Tool Handle, 1 Coal Ingot, and 1 Compact Gold Nugget.

    2. First let's craft the Coal Ingot. Warp to the Goblin Mines.

    3. Walk into the lower level mine and collect Coal. The Clubber goblins will only attack if you hit them first.

    4. Compact the raw coal into Compact Coal at the Compactor. Except for the cooking station in the stove, all other crafting stations are located in the Viking City.

    5. Refine the Compact Coal into Coal Ingot at the Mining Station. Most materials follow the same pattern: Gather Raw > Compact > Refine > Craft.

    6. Now let's craft the Oak Tool handle. Collect oak logs at the Farming Village.

    7. Craft into Oak Tool Handle at the woodworking station.

    8. Last we just need 1 Compact Gold Nugget. These are dropped by mobs. Kill goblin clubbers until you have 64 gold nuggets and then craft 1 compact gold nugget (page 2 of the compactor station). Stay at the lower levels of the Goblin Mines. As you venture higher up, the difficulty of the mobs increases.

    9. Craft your first weapon for your chosen class at a weaponsmithing station. Each class has their own station. The first weapon for each class has the same requirements so you can choose any of them.

    10. We've walked you through the steps for crafting your first weapon. Now you can follow a similar pattern to craft your first armor. Your first complete set will require 5 compact coal.

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