A nation is a group of players who organize together to work on achieving a common goal. Nations have a different Land upkeep structure and also have the ability to go to War.

Starting A Nation


  • Own Land

  • Pay 64k $EMRD

Any player who owns land can start a nation by paying a fee of 64,000 $EMRD. The player must own at least 1 land to start a nation. Whichever land the player is currently standing in will become the "Nation Capital". The capital can be changed at any time.

✍️ Create Nation Command: /nation create <name> Cost: 64k $EMRD

Joining A Nation

Nations do not invite players, they invite Lands to join. So one player can own 2 land to themselves and 1 land that’s part of a Nation.

Nations start by sending an invitation to a Land and the Land owner can either accept or deny the invitation. The Land owner is still the only “owner” of that Land, but also receive a role within the Nation. This role is managed by the Nation owner and controls some aspects of the Land.

The Nation cannot sell or rent any land belonging to another player.

✍️ Nation Invite Command: /nation trust <land name>

✍️ Landowner can accept the invitation: /nation accept

✍️ Landowner can decline the invitation: /nation decline

✍️ Landowner can leave a nation: /nation leave

✍️ Nation can kick a land out: /nation untrust <land name>


Usually, each individual player pays an upkeep fee of 250 $EMRD per week per chunk to the server. Once a player joins a nation, they no longer pay ANY upkeep for their Land that is part of the Nation. Instead, the Nation will be charged an upkeep of 125 $EMRD per week for each chunk they control.

Nations pay a reduced upkeep. This is to encourage more players to organize together under nations and share the benefits. This is also because Nations are always facing the possibility of war. The upkeep discount helps account for the extra risk all Nation lands face.

Upkeep is charged every Saturday at 2pm PST.

Nations MUST have enough balance in their bank to pay their upkeep or the nation will be BANKRUPT and deleted. All Land is still owned by the members.

✍️ Deposit to Nation's Capital: /land deposit <capital name> <amount>

✍️ Withdraw from Nation's Capital: /land withdraw <capital name> <amount>

Checking Nation Upkeep

  1. Open your Land menu with /land

  2. Hover over the orange square in the top right.


Since the nation is paying the upkeep for all lands belonging to all members, they have the option of charging a tax. The tax amount is set by the nation owner but all taxes are collected every 7 days. The tax is charged equally for all chunks within the nation and are paid directly into the nation bank.

Taxes are a great way for nations to raise money to offer benefits to members. Taxes are a balancing act for nations since they want to attract the best players while also having the money to fund great projects.

Upkeep is NOT optional. All nations will be charged 125 $EMRD per chunk every 7 days.

Taxes ARE optional. If a nation doesn't charge a tax, they will still owe the upkeep for ALL LANDS within the nation.


The Nation Capital is the hub of your Nation. This should be in a well-protected area towards the center of your land claims.

The chunk where the owner was standing when the nation was created starts out as the capital.

✍️ Change nation capital: /nation setcapital Wherever you’re standing becomes the new capitol.


Players can use the /nation menu to spawn to their Nation spawn. This costs 2k $EMRD just like Land teleportations.

✍️ Change nation spawn: /nation setspawn Wherever you’re standing becomes the new spawn.

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