Gameplay Basics

The gameplay in Crypto Craft is very dynamic with a strong emphasis on player interactions. Our vision is a true Metaverse where multiple gameplay styles all work together to create one ecosystem of players.

For our first world, the gameplay is all about mining diamonds, participating in a vibrant economy and claiming land!

Players start their Genesis adventure in our Spawn City. The city is right in the middle of our map and is a busy hub of player activity. The wealthiest residents are building up their plots now and hundreds of people visit the player-shops every day. This is the also the only location in the entire map where diamonds can be exchange for $EMRD so there will always be activity here.


There are 2 basic ways to earn $EMRD.

1. Diamonds

Each Diamond can be exchanged for 500 $EMRD in the Diamond Exchange. This is a shop located in Spawn City. Diamonds are a limited resource and our map is set to 90,000 chunks meaning the supply of $EMRD is backed by the amount of diamonds players mine and safely exchange. CryptoCraft will continue playing even after all diamonds are mined through strategies like ore regeneration, map expansion, and adding new ways of generating $EMRD.

2. Player Economy

The second way to earn is by interacting with other players. This player-to-player economy accounts for a wide variety of transactions between players. Players can sell any item to others through shops or regular trading. So miners can sell their left over iron or gold and then use the $EMRD to purchase food from a player who loves farming.

The player economy also includes selling or renting Land to each other. If you own property in a popular area, you can rent out a small section to allow players to create shops and get access to new customers.

Wealthier residents of Crypto Craft have also been hiring others to complete tasks or help with different services.

The player economy is very dynamic with prices and offers constantly changing. Creativity is rewarded here because players are coming up new ideas that turn out to be profitable.

What do I do?

You'll start your adventure in Spawn City. There are no dangers here except for hunger. No player vs player combat is allowed and no mobs can spawn.

From here, you can leave the city and find your way to the wilderness. The 3 main ways to leave are by taking the big bridge to the east, the back gate of the castle in the north, or just swim away.

As you leave the spawn area, you'll find other peoples Land claims. When you enter the claims, you'll see a popup on your screen with the Land name and owner. People can adjust their own permissions on their Land so some allow PVP and some don't.

Once you see "Wilderness" then you're on unclaimed territory. In all Wilderness areas you can build or destroy anything, monsters will spawn, and any player can attack you.

You start with a 3 day "newbie" PVP shield. For 3 days, no player can kill you, but mobs and hunger are still a threat. As a newbie, you will have a Campfire in your inventory which grants you a free 24 hour Land claim.

Find a wilderness plot and place down your Camp to start your free 24 hour claim. You now temporarily own your first land!

If you die before placing down your Camp, you will not be given another one. Be careful with fall damage, hunger, or mobs.

On your Camp, you can now safely store items in chests, set up furnaces, and mine in peace. This ONLY applies to your 16x16 chunk. If you place chests and furnaces in Wilderness, other players can take items from them.

Now you can earn money by exchanging diamonds or from the player economy. Players are constantly buying items or paying for services. Ask in chat or look around the shops to see who's buying items like coal, iron, wood, food, etc.

Beginners Overview

  1. Leave Spawn City

  2. Place down your camp

  3. Mine ores to make Iron tools

  4. Mine until you find diamonds

  5. Return diamonds to Spawn City Diamond Exchange

  6. Also sell any other ores to players or shops to earn extra $EMRD

  7. Permanently claim your first land when you have 7400 $EMRD

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