Earning $EMERALD

Basically... Diamonds

In version 1.0, the only way to generate new $EMRD tokens is to trade in-game diamonds to the server shop. Players are incentivized to claim as much land as they can to ensure only they can mine the diamonds there. Price: 1 Diamond = 500 $EMRD

Any player can use the in-game shops to trade diamonds for $EMRD. Since diamonds are a limited resource and our server map has a finite amount of land, our $EMRD token is backed by the amount of diamonds contained within the land. This will change in future updates as our economy evolves.

$EMRD can be traded as a regular ERC-20 token. This means it can be exchanged for any other token using any liquidity pool or protocol of your choice.

Crypto Craft officially only trades in-game diamond for $EMRD tokens.

Player Shops

Any player can create a shop on land they own and sell any in-game item for any amount of $EMRD. This creates a dynamic market where $EMRD will have standard prices for each item but these prices will fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Shops have 2 types: - Buy Shops - Sell Shops

"Buy Shops" allow the shop owner to place items in a chest and set a $EMRD price that customers have to pay per item.

"Sell Shops" allow the shop owner to choose an item they'd like to buy and their price. Customers can then bring items to this shop and sell their items.

Future Updates

Several updates are planned that introduce new ways of earning $EMRD for both Nations and individual players. Please read through the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sections for more info.

The core features of each update are listed and explained but a couple things will still be a surprise upon launch.

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