The concept is to give the power to players to use different systems to create powerful gear. All gear will be craftable by players where the weapon level and starting stats depend on crafting levels and a little bit of luck. Each piece of gear will be unique with a ~99.99% (1 in 81 billion to be more accurate) chance no other item has the exact same stats. Even the same player crafting the same weapon two times in a row will produce slightly different results. The goal is to create a system where there is NO “one sword is objectively better than all others in all situations.” Each weapon has a different combination of strengths and weaknesses that make it better in certain situations against certain enemies. This also pushes for a strong trading economy as players will be gearing up with different sets for different instances of the game.

Blend of skill and luck

Crafters are rewarded for their efforts with skills levels that guarantee a minimum weapon level but luck is still required to produce the ultra rare highest level weapons. This further pushes for a strong player-trading economy where materials have value, crafting is rewarding, and progressing through the game is enjoyable.


Every weapon & armor piece will have several components coming together to produce the final result.

These are decided when the gear is crafted:

  1. Stats

  2. Ability

  3. Modifiers

These improve the gear after crafting:

  1. Upgrades

  2. Enchantments

  3. Elemental Damage

The following is set during the Gear Craft:

1. Stats

Each gear will have different stats like Critical Hit Chance, Attack Speed, and Damage. Not all gear provides all stats so players choose which weapons match their preferred gameplay style. Different combinations of stats are better in different situations.

For a simple example: faster attack speeds are better against mobs of smaller enemies while slower attacks with higher damage are better against slower-moving mobs who hit hard.

A single weapon will have the same number of stats applied but the strength of the stats is different on every craft. Each weapon will have a unique "feel" to it and encourage specific gameplay. With a wide selection of weapons, player will have TONS of fun testing different weapons and gameplay styles.

2. Abilities

Abilities are attached to the weapons allowing player to change their abilities simply by using another weapon. These are active skills activated with a combination of buttons like "right click" or "crouch + right click".

Some are small effects that might deal bonus damage or push back enemies. Some are movement abilities like dashes and short periods of flight. Some are powerful area of effect (AOE) abilities like spawning blizzards or tornadoes. There are many more types like buffing nearby players, spawning friendly mobs, changing the environment, and more.

Gameplay will be fun and fresh as combat can completely change depending on the abilities provided by your weapons.

3. Modifiers

Modifiers are passive abilities that generally activate when players are using weapons or taking damage on armor. Things like applying poison on hit or a small chance of spawning lightning strikes that jump from enemy to enemy.

Modifiers are luck based with the number of modifiers and power of each one depending on the weapon rarity. Item rarity is chance based and decided on item craft so even low forging level players have a chance to craft ultra-rare weapons with powerful modifiers.

The following are added to gear after crafting:

1. Upgrades

Every weapon & piece of armor can be upgraded several times to further increase the stats, elemental dmg, and ability dmg after the initial craft. This works by taking the base number and applying a small percent increase per upgrade.

This allows players to find a weapon they enjoy using and keep upgrading it as they progress through the game. Many games follow a pattern where players use a weapon for a short time and then throw it away once they level up and find a slightly better weapon.

We still have item progression since the base level of the weapon never changes but in S2 players can craft an item in the early game and upgrade it as they play into the late game.

2. Enchantments

Enchantments are also applied to weapons after they are crafted. We have over 200+ custom enchantments.

Enchantments can be added to weapons through enchantment books similar to vanilla but obtained through unique tasks. The enchantments are also setup to be better in some situations and worse in others so players can fine-tune their gear to specific instances. The tasks required to craft enchantment books are unique enough where players can essentially be full time "enchanters" completing tasks to obtain the best enchantments for their clients.

3. Elemental Damage

There are 6 base elements in the game. Weapons can deal elemental damage and armors provide resistance. The base elements are organized where each element is stronger against one other and weaker against a different one. Most mobs deal part of their damage as elemental and can be protected against some elements and weak to others.

For example: Fire damage deals bonus damage to an ice mob while a wind mob will deal lots of damage to a player wearing fire resistance armors.

This is a major factor in supporting our dynamic item balance. One sword might be perfect against a specific mob but weak against another. One armor might be great for the beginning of the dungeon but is weak against the final boss.

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