Shop Basics

There are two kinds of shops: Buy and Sell. These terms are from the point of view of the shop owner.

A Buy shop is when the shop owner is willing to pay $EMRD for the listed item. A Sell shop works like a regular shop where the owner is selling an item and will receive $EMRD.

Any player can create a shop in any area as long as they can place down a chest.

This means you can create shops in the wilderness, on land you rent, land you own, or land you're trusted.

Any player can buy or sell to any shop as long as they are able to reach the chest and right click on it.

How to create a shop

  1. Place down a chest.

  2. Hold the item you'd like to sell/buy in the shop.

  3. Left click on the chest.

  4. Enter a number in chat for your price.

This creates a shop selling the item you were holding. You may also use the command below instead but it's generally easier to follow steps 1-4.

✍️ Create shop command (while looking at the chest): /qs create <price> Example: /qs create 1200

This creates a special Chest Shop that will sell the item you were holding. It will say "Out of Stock" because the chest is empty! If you're creating a Sell shop, you can open the chest and place the items you'd like to sell inside. You'll see the numbers update on the sign to match the number of items within the chest.

If you're creating a Buy shop, right click on the sign. This will open up a menu in your chat. This menu is only visible to you. Next to "Selling" you will see a button: [Change]

Click the [Change] button to toggle the shop mode from "Selling" to "Buying." You can also adjust the price this way.

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