Real Estate

Owning is better than renting.

Real estate is a massive part of the Crypto Craft ecosystem. Lots of in-game mechanics directly and indirectly support the valuations of Land.

Hint: 1 Land is 1 chunk of the Minecraft World. A chunk is a 16x16 block section of the world that extends from bedrock at the bottom to the sky limit at the top. The chunk positions are already set within the world. You can press f3 + g while in any Minecraft world to see an overlay of all the chunks around you.

Teleportation is expensive

If you're a Minecraft veteran, you'll know most servers play as a dystopian teleportation future. Players can teleport to any other player on a whim. It's common to set a spawn at your house, go mining, and not even bother adventuring back because you can just lazily teleport. The magic of exploration and the value of owning a cool piece of property is greatly diminished when anybody can move tens of thousands of blocks in any direction in less than a second.

Property value is essentially non-existent in a world of free and limitless teleportation.

Teleportation exists within Crypto Craft but this amazing futuristic technology also has a price. Players can teleport to owned Land and their Nations capital but will pay a fee of $EMRD to do so. This price is affordable enough to occasionally enjoy as a lazy treat but expensive enough to encourage exploration by foot, by horse, or by train.

Within Crypto Craft, friends actually build near each other. Communities form around central locations. Land near city centers, train stations, or Nation capitals are worth more than Land on the outskirts of society. Land also increases in value as the area is developed and grows over time.

Hint: Buying Land in Crypto Craft is a strategic decision that benefits those who buy the right Land or put in the work to develop their Land and their communities. Finding areas of the map that are growing quickly is a great way to discover Land that will increase in value in the future.

The Spawn City

The Spawn City is a thriving landscape of pre-built houses available for purchase. The city is right in the middle of the map and all new players start their adventures here. Being such a high foot-traffic area makes the property very valuable here.

It's the perfect place to open a shop, rent out rooms to new players, meet new friends, host events, show off your builds, and much much more. Initial purchasers of this Land will be VERY happy as they'll be receiving a premium plot of Land for a very low price.

This is to reward our earliest supporters who join on day 1 and race to claim their own section of Spawn City.

Even after all the Land is bought, the city will have lots of apartment rentals, houses for sale, and the Grand Central Train Station.

Trains are big and loud

Trains will be introduced in update 1.1 "Trains R Us." This update is a great example of a mechanic that affects the dynamic valuations of Land. Since traveling by foot across hundreds of chunks is not ideal, Trains will allow players to build tracks on their Land and charge a small $EMRD fee to passengers.

We want to reward players who are able to strategically purchase Land and develop it into a valuable asset.

A renters market

New players just joining the server will start with 0 $EMRD and not be able to afford to claim any Land. After some mining in the wilderness, they'll want a place to store their belongings while they save up enough to claim their own Land.

Land owners have the option of setting up sections of their Land for rent to other players. A single Land can be broken up into many sections so multi-story apartments are possible.

Even players who own Land have a variety of reasons for renting the Land of somebody else.

Hint: Buying Land and building something useful on it is a great way to attract renters or buyers. Somebody might not want to build their own farm but will happily rent yours for a couple days and make runs to the shops to sell the food.

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