Combat vs Players

PVP is always enabled in all wilderness areas.

Hint: The wilderness is any area that is currently not claimed by another player.

While traveling through the wilderness, players can choose to be peaceful or turn to combat at any time. There are no limitations to the combat that occurs in the wilderness.

When a player dies, their entire inventory drops to the ground which can be claimed by another player. There are incentives to attack but since we're also building a strong community, attacking everybody could leave you without allies when you're in need of assistance.

Combat on Owned Land

Each Land owner can toggle whether PVP combat is allowed on their property. This creates a dynamic range of PVP options across the world.

Players not interested in PVP

Players who hate the idea of dying and losing their things have the option of adjusting their gameplay strategy to avoid combat. You can avoid the wilderness and only stick to land where PVP is disabled.

Joining or creating peaceful nations can offer protection against PVP by claiming/recruiting wide expanses of claimed land where PVP is disabled.

Overall, we're building a world where both PVP and non-PVP players can enjoy Minecraft.

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