Server Rules

Violations of server rules can result in a permanent ban from the server.

Basic Rules

  1. No harassment of other players.

  2. No hacking, glitching, or exploits of any kind.

  3. No ruining server performance on purpose by purposefully creating lag machines.

  4. No spamming.

  5. No griefing (read War Book).

  6. No sexually explicit content.

  7. Read all rules before playing. Read war book before declaring a war.

  8. Admins hold ultimate power in giving out punishments and balancing the game to create a fun experience for all.

All Rules

1. No hacking, glitching, or exploits.

No tolerance. Up to permanent ban.

If you think you’ve discovered an exploit and decide to abuse instead of reporting it to an Admin, we will eventually discover it and can then track who else used this. Every interaction with any item across the whole world is tracked and logged forever.

If you aren’t sure but don’t want to give away a possible secret strategy, get in touch with Ruskie on Discord to discuss your concern in private.

2. No griefing or trolling.

Griefing is defined as: “Maliciously ruining other players experiences for the sole purpose of ruining their experience.”


  1. Killing players to gain their loot. Not griefing.

  2. Killing a player over and over just for the sake of killing that player. GRIEFING.

  3. Killing a player during a time when PVP is disabled by the server. GRIEFING.

The difference is that there is no benefit to the player for #2 except causing harm to somebody.

This rule also covers building obscene structures or written text using blocks. Google “obscene” if you’re not sure what is covered under this definition.

3. PVP is allowed.

If PVP is turned on, then it’s allowed. There are game phases that disable this or special mechanics to protect early players or cities that have server protection. Excluding these special scenarios, PVP is on by default.

4. Scamming.

This is a complicated one. If you’re abusing game mechanics or a certain way that plugins work, this is NOT allowed. Tricking players to type commands that cause issues is NOT allowed. Advertising selling X item in a shop, but actually selling Z is not allowed.

Casinos are allowed. Game rules + odds must be clearly visible. Reports of scamming will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Easiest way to avoid punishment is don’t scam people.

5. Lying about Land ownership is NOT allowed.

You cannot lie about owning a piece of Land and take advantage of players who cannot check. It’s not assumed that all players know the owners and renters of all Lands at all times. You cannot lie about this in any scenario both in-game or in Discord.

6. No offensive skins or land names.

Will be handled on a case by case basis. Just change your skin or land name if asked.

7. No teleport trapping.

Any method of blocking a user from accessing the chat box to teleport out of your land is not allowed.

Trapping a person after they teleport into the Spawn, Land, Nether or End is not allowed. You cannot maliciously place blocks in a way to prevent players from spawning, leaving, or instantly dying when they spawn.

Obstructing portals in the End or Nether is not allowed.

8. Player camping.

When you are in PVP combat, if a player leaves as soon as their PVP timer expires, you are allowed to camp their body to catch them when they return. You are not allowed to build or remove any blocks to trap them in when they spawn in.

9. Redstone machines & automatic farms.

Players are not allowed to use any automatic farming machines. You are allowed to build machines that require player input to complete the farm. For example, a button that causes water to flow and harvest all your crops. You must replant all your crops manually. There can not be any automatic cycle. Manual player input has to be part of the process somewhere.

Killing mobs cannot be automated.

Animal farms as allowed as long as they are not automatically killing the animals and do not cause server lag. Farms that push mobs into a bunch and the player then attacks from a safe distance are allowed. If the mobs are killed automatically (no player input), the farm is NOT allowed.

Air ships are allowed but must be destroyed after use to stop them from running forever.

10. Hacks, mods, and exploits.

No hacks of any kind are allowed. ANY hacked client that gives you an advantage over other players is not allowed. There is a 0 tolerance policy on this. This includes: Auto Clickers, Auto Fishing, Fly Hacks, PvP Hacks, Speed Hacks, Xray etc.

The clients that are allowed include:

  • FPS mods such as OptiFine. These are made to optimize your game to give you better performance.

  • Quality of life mods. Small improvements that are just helpful. This includes minimap mods.

  • Beauty mods. This includes: Shaders, Illuminations, and Fullbright.

11. No alt accounts.

An "alt" account is defined as one person playing on a second Minecraft account. This is not allowed in any capacity. Even with multiple NFT's activating multiple Minecraft accounts, one player cannot play with more than 1 Minecraft account. This will result in immediate banning of all accounts belonging to the person.

Punishments for violating rules:

1st Offense - 3 Day Ban

2nd Offense - 1 Week Ban

3rd Offense - 2 Week Ban or Permanent Ban

Admins hold ultimate power in giving out punishments and balancing the game to create a fun experience for all.

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