Sponsorship - Free 2 Play

Each Minecraft player must be activated by one GamePass token. This token grants unrestricted access to all gameplay worlds. Nothing in-game is locked behind a "cash shop" and every player has the opportunity to advance through any game mechanic they enjoy.
Our Sponsorship program allows GamePass holders to activate new players and give them access to the entire game for free. The sponsored player will automatically be paying a 20% tax to their sponsor for every $EMRD earned.

Player Benefits

Simply join the game and start your adventure! No blockchain experience needed. No setup. No upfront payment required. Explore our blockchain integrations whenever you're ready!

GamePass Holder Benefits

Earn continuous $EMRD from all your sponsored players. Simply add your extra GamePass tokens to our "Smart Queue" using the Dashboard website and you will automatically be matched with new players! You can also recruit specific players and start building your dream team!

Platform Benefits

Our goal is to bridge FUN gameplay with Blockchain technology. To bring blockchain gaming to the masses, we need to seamlessly onboard users with NO crypto knowledge.
This Sponsorship model gives us a massive advantage by allowing us to advertise to ANY gamer without a long instruction manual on blockchain technologies.
Thousands of players can enjoy the game, free of charge, while providing $EMRD benefits to holders.