My Deposit didn't show up in-game!

When you submit a deposit, you create a transaction on the blockchain. 99% of the time, your $EMRD balance will update in-game within seconds of the transaction confirming.
In rare instances it's possible your deposit confirms on the blockchain successfully but fails to update off-chain. To allow players to fix this issue themselves we have a "Manual Deposit" api.
This allows you to re-submit your transaction hash to be processed again.
If your $EMRD deposit has succeeded on the blockchain but your in-game $EMRD balance has not updated do not create a ticket.
Follow the following steps to submit a Manual Deposit.

1. Copy your transaction hash

This can be found in Metamask or on Etherscan.
Copy your transaction hash

2. Click 'Manual Deposit' on the EMRD Dashboard. cryptocraftgame.com/nft/dashboard

Click 'Manual Deposit'

3. Paste your txn hash and then click 'Submit Deposit'

Paste your hash and then click 'Submit Deposit'
Last modified 11mo ago