Season 1

Gameplay is divided into 2 month long Seasons to help keep the game fresh and enjoyable for both new and existing players. Each Season consists of Phases.

Phase 1

Starts with the release of Season 1. Two new cities are released and game map is expanded. New players have time to learn the game mechanics and start claiming land. Experts can strategically purchase valuable land.
  • No PVP
  • No War
  • Focus on claiming land
  • April 1st-10th

Phase 2

After the land rush is over and players are comfortable with the gameplay, Phase 2 begins. Crypto Craft is introducing war skirmishes between Nations. This allows Nations to start wars with other Nations with no pros or cons. The only losses are items from player deaths. In Phase 3, there will be $EMRD incentives to participate in wars.
Nations should start recruiting the best builders, fighters, and farmers to prepare for Phase 3.
  • PVP on
  • War skirmishes between Nations
  • April 11th-30th

Phase 3

Introducing $EMRD incentives to go to war with other Nations. Server events for players to compete and win $EMRD tokens, in-game items, and glory!
  • PVP on
  • World at War update
  • Adventure update
  • May 1st-31st