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Verson 1

1.0 Server Launch

The server launches with the basic features required to earn $EMRD, buy & sell Land, level up skills, and grow Nations. Nations are started when groups of players organize together and combine capital and Land towards a common goal.
Since claiming Land is the same price across the map, the launch will have a rush of players competing to claim all the best Land. The Land closest to the Spawn will be highly valuable. Nations will start buying up land in groups to establish a strong foundation for domination. Smart players will also consider future updates like Trains R Us in their Land purchase decisions.


  • Mint NFT to gain server access
  • Earn $EMRD by selling in-game diamonds
  • Spend $EMRD to buy Land
  • Rent out Land to any other player
  • Sell land to any other player
  • 300 by 300 chunk map size (90,000 chunks)

1.1 Trains R Us

This update introduces Trains to the server. Trains allow for long distance travel at an affordable price. Crypto Craft is building a Metaverse that empowers Land owners to monetize their real estate and this update introduces a reason to own lots of Land across wide stretches of the map.
Players will be able to build train stations, train tracks, and set prices on traveling between stations. Passengers can enter and exit at the stations and pay whatever price is set by the track owner.
Owning long stretches of Land will require a coordinated effort so it's possible teams of people or entire Nations work on laying train tracks. Tracks will also have a permission system where certain players can ride for free or the track can be completely private.
Tip: Owning rows of Land that start in congested areas and lead out to the wilderness is a great strategy to build a profitable train track. Land values will also increase near popular Train Stations so it's a good idea to buy up the surrounding areas before starting construction of the track.
  • New Train mechanisms
  • Players can create train tracks on Land to earn $EMRD from passengers

1.2 World War

This update focuses on rewarding ruthless Nations who are able to organize together and crush their competition. A rewritten War mechanic will add exciting new combat features and reward War winners with $EMRD.
This update will slightly change the strategy Nations use for Land claiming to maximize their odds of winning Wars with the new mechanic. More on this will be revealed soon. Nations will receive plenty of time to adapt to the changes without any penalty.
  • New War mechanic
  • Nations earn $EMRD for winning wars

1.3 Adventure Quests

Adventure Quests are hand-crafted experiences that allow multiple Nations to compete against each other in timed tasks. Some are simple timed challenges like "most to collect X within the next X time" and some will be dynamic multi-part quests that span days of evolving requirements and surprises.
This will be a revolutionary change to Nations as it will reward Nations for more than just brute strength of combat. Nations still have all of the same features as before so we will see 2 classes of Nations evolve. Some will focus on Wars while others perfect their Adventure Quest abilities. The best Nations will be those who can perfect both mechanics.
  • Nations compete in Adventure Quests to earn $EMRD
  • Players not belonging in Nations can also participate with special roles and earn $EMRD