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Version 2

2.0 Brilliant Skills

This is a MASSIVE update to Crypto Craft. It includes new additions to the blockchain side as well as brand new features to the Minecraft server. A new NFT, the "Skill Potion", will be launched. This Potion is applied to a character NFT to grant amazing in-game benefits. With this update, there are many new ways to play Crypto Craft and earn $EMRD in-game.
Several new Classes will be introduced for the purpose of generating $EMRD. These changes will focus on upgrading the player-economy by making it much more dynamic.
In Version 1, $EMRD price is strongly attached to diamonds. In Version 2, the $EMRD economy will behave more like a real-world market with ever changing prices across a wide number of trading pairs.
Hint: "Transporter" and "Trader" are one of the many new Classes. These will reward players for building relationships within the community as they will act as middle-men for the trading of goods in this new economy.
  • New "Skill Potion" NFT
  • Website overhaul to apply potions to character NFT's
  • New Classes and Skills added
  • New $EMRD rewards focused on Classes and Skills
  • Upgrading player-to-player trading mechanism
  • Introducing a revolutionary market system