What is Crypto Craft?

CryptoCraft is an immersive gameplay experience infusing blockchain tokenomics with the worlds most popular video game: Minecraft.
Players gain access to a custom Minecraft universe through our Digital GamePass. Our economy is fully player controlled where all in-game transactions use the $EMRD token.
Zero crypto experience is required to play and players don't even need to setup a wallet with our Free2Play Sponsorship option!
We currently have two gameplay worlds: Genesis Land & Season2.
  1. 1.
    In Genesis, players can enjoy a more vanilla experience with some extra perks like buying & selling land, building on their properties, and trading items.
  2. 2.
    Season 2 is a completely new experience! It's a full-blown sandbox mmo with a custom map, crazy class abilities, unique model monsters, deep crafting & gear upgrading systems, and more! With a HUGE emphasis on providing mass player interactions and giving players the mechanics to participate in dynamic economic industry, Season 2 is sure to blow your socks off.
The overall vision is to build a network of worlds providing different gameplay styles where players work together across the universe to achieve long-term goals.
We take advantage of the amazing gaming platform Minecraft has built over the last 10 years and build a strong gaming token around it. This is not a "stake and watch" game! This is a full gaming experience where we focus on FUN GAMEPLAY FIRST and give players the freedom to participate in a dynamic player driven economy on their own terms.
We offer NO promises of "rewards" or "payments" or "returns" or "profit" of any kind. The $EMRD token is an in-game utility token which can be moved to digital wallets using our Dashboard website. Players are free to trade the tokens between themselves any way they wish. 😁
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