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Build Battles

Build Battles are community wide building competitions in Crypto Craft Genesis. Everyone is welcome to participate and show off their building skills. New build challenges are revealed each week on Friday.
Every week, the description, requirements, and rules of the next build are announced in Discord. Players have 1 week to work on their build. The Build Battle ends the next Friday at 9AM PST/12PM EST and the description of the new Build Battle will be announced.
To participate, players must post the coordinates to their build in Discord to #Build Battles channel before the Build Battle ends. Coordinates sent after the end deadline will be disqualified.
Build Battle winners will be announced every week on Sundays. Prizes will vary with different build sizes and complexity requirements.
Players can build solo or in a team, but only 1 player can claim the prize. Players can build on their own land, a friends land, or wilderness. Builds may be destroyed after the previous weeks' winner has been announced.
Building in Wilderness can lead to other players destroying your build.
Modifying your build after the deadline is not allowed and your submission will be disqualified.