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Land & Nation Commands

These commands pertain to land ownership.
/Lands createcamp
Creates a 24h protected chunk for new players.
/Lands unstuck
Teleport out of a claimed land if you're stuck.
Shows claimed and unclaimed chunks around you.
/Lands create
Create a land. 1 land = multiple adjacent chunks.
/Lands claim
Claim chunks.
F3 + G
View chunk parameters.
/Lands rename [land] <new name>
Rename land.
/Lands setspawn <name>
Sets the land as your spawn point.
/Lands menu
Opens Lands GUI.
/Lands menu here
Open Lands GUI for the chunk you're standing in.
/Lands merge <land>
Merge a land (parameter) into your other land.
/Lands upkeep
Displays how much you owe in upkeep and when it is due.
/Lands trust <player name>
Creates permissions on your land for this player.
/Lands invites
Open received invites GUI.
/Lands accept <land>
Accept invites.
/Lands deny
Deny invite.
/Lands leave <land>
Leave a land as a trusted player.
/Lands chat [land] <message>
Chat with trusted players on the land.
/Lands delete
Delete your land.
/Lands info <land>
Show information about a land.
/Lands edit <land>
/Lands claim will be executed for this land.
/Lands selection
Opens option for selecting a portion of land for /claim /unclaim /assign.
/Nation create <nation name>
Creates a Nation for $64,000 EMRD.
/Nation trust <land name>
Invites a Land to join the Nation.
/Nation accept
Accepts the Nation's invite to join.
/Nation decline
Declines the Nation's invite to join.
/Nation leave
Leaves the Nation.
/Nation untrust <land name>
Kicks out a Land from the Nation.
/Nation setcapital
Sets a the chunk you're standing in as the capital for the Nation.
/Nation setspawn
Allows teleportation to the Nation's land for $2000 EMRD.
/Lands deposit <capital name> <amount>
Deposits funds for upkeep into the Nation's bank.
/Lands withdraw <capital name> <amount>
Withdraws funds from the Nation's bank.